Michael B. Jordan Teams With ‘Black Panther’ Writer to Produce ‘Fail Safe’ Film for Netflix

Michael B. Jordan’s star has been on the rise for a long time. He has had lead roles in many critically accalimed films but his most recent portrayal as Erik Killmonger in Marvel’s Black Panther really has people paying attention, if they weren’t before.

Most recently, Jordan launched his production company Outlier Society and he is hard at work establishing that brand with several film and TV projects in development. A new report from Deadline confirms that Jordan’s most recent project in the works will be an adaption of Vault Comics story Failsafe which was acquired by Netflix after a bidding war.

Not only will Jordan’s production company be producing the film but he will also be reuniting with Black Panther screenwriter Joe Robert Cole, who will pen the script. It is uncertain if Jordan will star in the film but he will make that decision after a first draft of the script is finished.

Failsafe is the story about a man named John Ravane, who spent years tracking down and executing Super Soldiers were enhanced by nano-technology. A decade after killing the last super soldier, the Insurgence Program’s true legacy is revealed and Ravane finds himself standing between a government he can’t trust and the soldiers he once hunted. Does this sound like a movie you’d watch? Should Jordan be the star or is there another actor you believe can do the role justice? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

SOURCE: Deadline


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