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Christopher McQuarrie Is Open To Direct a ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel “If Henry Cavill Asks”

It’s been a while since Man of Steel premiered in theatres, and while it was said that Batman V Superman will act as its sequel, the truth is that we haven’t seen Superman in a solo story for quite some time.

People know this, and some have been asking for a sequel to Warner and whatever deity they believe in; however, no word has been said about this film, other than “he said, she heard” kind of news.

Henry Cavill, our Superman, has been saying he’s eager to explore more of the character’s mythos “there is a whole style of Superman’s character that I’m very keen to tell,” prompting interviewers all around the world to ask certain directors if they would be interested in taking such a film.

The latest director to be added to this list is none other than Christopher McQuarrie, whose latest film – Mission Impossible Fallout – includes a certain actor known to wear blue tights every now and then.



McQuarrie, Tom Cruise and Cavill on the Mission: Impossible Fallout set


In a recent interview with CinePOP about Fallout, McQuarrie was asked whether he’d be interested in directing a Superman film, answering that working with Henry is something he truly enjoys, so if he were to ask him, he’d say yes.

“I’ve never really thought about it. I feel like if the story was right and the character was right – I love working with Henry, Henry’s great. If Henry asked me to, sure, why not?”

On his part, in a recent interview at CinemaCon promoting Fallout, Henry Cavill was asked when we’ll be seeing him again as the Man of Steel, and said that he has had a lot of meetings with “certain people” to start talking to “other people” – the ones responsible for making that call – and “we shall see”.

Then there’s also the fact that Henry’s production company – Promethean – has been having a lot of activity lately, thanks to his desire of making his storytelling dreams become a reality.

Warner has yet to make an announcement if there are any plans for a Man of Steel sequel, but fans all over the world are eager to see Cavill don the cape a few more times. As he said, “we shall see” what time tells us.

What do you think about this news? Are you excited about a possible Superman sequel starring Henry Cavill?
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If you want to see McQuarrie’s and Cavill’s latest job, be sure to check out Mission: Impossible Fallout when it premieres, this upcoming July 27th, in every theatre near you.

Source: CinePOP

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