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‘Sense8’ Series Finale Set To Premiere On June 8

Following a cancellation after two seasons and a later “resurrection” after fans petitioned through social media for a conclusion, Netflix has announced that the two-hour series finale of Sense8 will premiere this June through their streaming service.

The announcement was shared through their official Twitter Account via the first poster of the episode, where we can see all eight sensates standing together at the top of a building.



Courtesy of Netflix


The series follows a “cluster” of eight sensates — eight people who are mentally and emotionally linked to each other and who come from different parts around the globe — who must face the mysterious corporation BPO as they try to capture them for study purposes.

The show wrapped up its second season with a cliffhanger that (*spoiler alert*) found Wolfgang (Max Riemelt) captured by the mysterious corporation BPO, (*end of spoiler*) so it’s no wonder why fans were eager for a conclusion to this story.

What do you think about this news? Are you excited about this final episode?
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Source: Netflix.

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