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‘H1Z1’ is Getting Released on PS4

If you’re a fan of battle royale games, playing on the PS4 just got a little more exciting. H1Z1, which has been in early access since 2015, has finally gotten a full release.

For some background, H1Z1 is a free-to-play game, which started out as a survival game. It released on PC in February, which means that an Xbox One version is sure to follow soon.

In H1Z1, players compete in a massive group of 150 in a last man standing match. Like most other battle royale games, there are options to play solo, duo, or  in groups.


H1Z1 is going to come to the PS4 on May 22, and signups for the closed beta are already up. Players that preorder the game will have access to some exclusive loot, including special-skinned weapons and a special parachute.

According to Daybreak, the game has been completely reimagined for a console release. Be sure to give H1Z1 a try, and let us know how far you can make it in the deathmatch!

Source: Daybreak

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