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When My Heart Felt Volcanic- The Aces

A couple of weeks ago, I came across an all female band from Utah known as The Aces . The band consists of four members: guitarist Katie Henderson, bassist McKenna Petty, drummer Alisa Ramirez, and lead vocalist Cristal Ramirez. I proceed to watch their music video for Volcanic Love, and fell in love with their aesthetic. I believe fans of synth, alternative, and indie rock, will also fall in love with them, think of a female The 1975.

the aces

Photo courtesy of Nylon

Their debut album When My Heart Felt Volcanic dropped on April 6, 2018. The album starts with Volcanic Love , which really allows the listeners to get a vibe of the sound of the album. Lyrically this song describes the burning feeling of falling in love. A Lyric that stands out for me is :

” My love is leaving before the lightning hits the ground while I’m looking forward
my mind is moving backwards now”

The next song is a remastered version of their debut single Stuck. The instrumentals in this song for me are everything. Every time I hear it, I feel like I’m at a musical festival just jumping singing along with them. Lyrically the song talks about being in a relationship and feeling stuck, not alluding to wanting to end, but wanting to take the relationship to the next level. The chorus is a definite ear-worm, you’ll have it stuck in your head for days.  Fake Nice, talks about a girl that isn’t completely who she says she is. The voice of the song comes from someone that has some type of relationship to her, that is tire of  her lack of sincerity. Then the album takes us to one of the most clever songs I’ve heard, Lovin is Bible. The second verse goes like this :

“Take me to your holy places treat you like an idol confessing all my secrets to you
with no denial”

The song compares feeling in love with a religious experience. The guitar rifts towards the end really showcases the band’s skills. Just Like That is one of the album’s deeper cuts, talking about a relationship that has come to an end because the significant other has stopped trying. I feel like this is the type of song you listen in your room with the lights off. The lyrics of the pre-chorus and chorus pull the strings of the heart.

“My sister says I should give up. My friends say you’re not good enough. And now I’m seeing right through you, I’m seeing what they never saw in you. Tell me are you even in it. Cause I’m done trying in a minute. And just like that, just like that there’s nothing left “

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Photo courtesy of Billboard

Last One, follows the theme of Just Like That, referring to the ending relationship screaming that is the last song written for their significant other. The band revealed that this song was written over 5 years ago, making it a special song for them. The instrumentals on Strong Enough is a great song to add to you “Chill Vibes” playlist. Holiday explores the dilemma of not wanting to waste your time if the relationship isn’t going nowhere but also being too in love to leave them.

“I can’t focus or think of my own life TV shows to distract me from phone screens
I should feel good for a second because I’m feelin’ nothin’ for the rest of the day”

The rhythm on Stay is really fun, the drums make you want to clap along with them. Is also a great song to let you lover know that you don’t want them to go. Now my favorite track on the album Bad Love,  talks about being with someone despite people’s comments and opinions. The song expresses wanting to be in a relationship, without having to put it out there for people to criticize. The chorus compresses this thought in this lyrics:

“Baby, they don’t get us, never had this love before. I wish they know just how I felt, think they’d be ready to adore you. How could they call this bad love when all I want is more? “

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Have you ever defended someone from everyone around you, but then they go and do you wrong ? Put It On the Line, covers this situation. I think anyone can relate to putting everything on the line for someone, just to be left disappointed. It doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic, it applies to all types of relationships including friendships. The guitar shine over the track, helping to express the frustration of the situation.

“When you run me down and you run my mind. Why’d you treat me like that?
Just a matter of time before you’re up my mind and I don’t really need that”

Hurricane is where the band shines vocally. The vocals transfer the feeling of heartbreak to the listener. While the track is slower than most of the album, is one of the standouts. The song’s musical cohesiveness, both vocally and instrumentally, is admirable. This is one of those songs that you really feel in your heart. The chorus transmits this feeling of pain:

“You’re makin’ my mind up for me. Was hopin’ for a different story. Wish I loved you like it’s yesterday, yesterday. Before our love became a hurricane, hurricane”

The album’s closer is Waiting for You, and it speaks about wanting someone to understand what you are feeling. I personally think its a great closer because it brings the theme of the album full circle.

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Photo Courtesy of Genius

After listening to the album about 100 times in the last week. I can say that the album is one of the strongest debuts I’ve heard. There’s not a single song that feels out of place, there’s not a single song you wish they hadn’t put there, not a single song you’ll want to skip. I rate the album 10/10, because there wasn’t anything about it I didn’t enjoy.

Do yourself a favor and listening to their album on Spotify, and Apple Music. And watch the fantastic video of Volcanic Love on YouTube.

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