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‘Supergirl’ S3 Ep.15: ‘In Search of Lost Time’ Review

Before they can get back to searching for the third world killer, this week the gang must deal with the human consequences of their alien adventures.

Although, first it’s game night as everyone is playing charades like one big happy family, with M’yrnn using shapeshifting to cheat.

Like last week’s karaoke, it’s nice to see them have down time as regular friends.


Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Mon-El’s (Chris Wood) training session leads to a messy rehash of their breakup. Source: Heroes Vue 

The fun ends when an alien telepath loses control and gets violent for no reason.

Lena is testing Sam to find out what happens when she loses time. She figures out Sam is really Reign.

Sam doesn’t want to believe it and has some harsh words for Lena. James shows up and tells Lena that she can’t force someone to get help.

Mon-El teaches Kara how to fight like a Legion member from the future.

Winn fixes Mon-El’s Legion suit, which Kara likes a lot. The look on her face when he walked in said everything.

M’yrnn’s condition is what affected the other telepath and begins to turn everyone in the DEO against each other.


M’yrnn (Carl Lumbly) is forced to come to grips with the harm his condition is having on others. Source: Heroes Vue

Lena records Sam becoming Reign so she will see herself.

M’yrnn rejects having his powers suppressed and the outburst frees the prisoners from containment. It also leads Kara to an emotional tirade against Mon-El, recounting all the jerk moves he made last season.

Just as they make up in the final scene, dead birds fall from the sky, meaning Pestilence has finally shown up.

As chaos once again takes over the DEO, everyone must put aside their differences to fight together. Ultimately, J’onn must take away his father’s powers to protect him and everyone else.

After seeing a video of herself becoming Reign, Sam tells Lena to take Ruby away until she’s cured.

The way the writers juxtaposed Sam and M’yrnn’s stories made each aliens’ struggle more human and grounded.

Carl Lumbly and David Harewood are one of TV’s best father/son duos. Every scene takes us through all emotional aspects of their relationship.

The heartbreak of this episode really snuck up on the audience in a beautiful way.

Also happening around National City:

Kara slowly unbuttoning the shirt she likes was hilarious.

What’s up with all those aliens the DEO is holding? Are they getting due process?

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