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Meet the Siblings in ‘Incredibles 2’ Who Want to Legalize Superheroes

In the new Incredibles sequel, Brad Bird continued the fact that superheroes are still illegal. Incredibles 2 continues the story just moments after the first movie’s climactic finish, where the super family defeat a robot in a very illegal, very public citywide skirmish. On June 15, the big topic will be the return of supers in Municiberg.

On the finale of the first Incredibles, Bird states,

“It puts the public’s myth of Supers back on the table.”

He also reveals the Parr family’s heroics are the inciting incident to a much larger movement:

“Often, things percolate underneath in society and you don’t even know that something’s about to bubble up, but it’s sitting there, just waiting for some inciting event. We see that happen in daily life all the time, where people are privately thinking ‘I wish X,’ and then some event happens and that nerve gets pressed, and everyone sort of admits it at once and looks around and goes, ‘You were feeling that way, too?’ This movie presupposes that once the crowds get a little taste of what superheroes were and are, they kind of miss them. That doesn’t mean that everybody misses them… but the populace is starting to question their banning of Supers.”


Photo courtesy of EW

Enter the brother-sister duo of Winston Deavor (voiced by Bob Odenkirk)  and Evelyn (voiced by Catherine Keener), who will be two of the most significant additions to the Incredibles world. They run a massive telecommunications company, share a link to superheroes in their past, and believe they have the money, resources, and know-how to change public perception and help legalize Supers once again.

“It’s like when Bill Gates decides that he and his wife want to get rid of malaria,” jokes Bird. “They support that and put their money behind it. And so [to us] it seemed like a good idea to have somebody feel that way about superheroes. They’ve maybe admired superheroes their whole life, and here, they have a chance to help them.”

The Deavors choose photo-friendly, minimal-liability Elastigirl to lead the initial mission, leaving Mr. Incredible behind for the first time in his life.

Nelson, the returning voice of Mr. Incredible spoke on behalf of the character,

“It’s hard for him. He feels rejected. He certainly doesn’t feel empowered. He feels that he’s been put into the secondary role and he’s not used to that. In a way, I would think he’s finding a little bit of humiliation. But the great thing about him is that he’s willing to go through that so that the family is taken care of.”

The long-awaited sequel, Incredibles 2, releases June 15.

Are you excited for the new characters’ debut in Incredibles 2? Let us know!

Source: EW




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