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‘Supernatural’ S13 Ep.19: ‘Funeralia’ Review

Following the disappointment of last week’s trip to the apocalypse world, Sam, Dean and Cas must regroup and start over from scratch.

The boys are trying to put a team together to get ready for Michael’s inevitable invasion. They call Rowena, which shows how desperate they are.

She is currently in the Pacific Northwest living her best life by setting some woman on fire, so she has no time to join the Winchesters.


Misha Collins as Castiel and Jared Padalecki as Sam in the Supernatural episode Funeralia. Source: spoilersguide

After being rejected by Gabriel and Rowena, Cas decides to go to Heaven for help, even though all the angels there hate him and want him dead.

At the entrance he encounters a drunk angel with a suicide wish. Don’t judge, working for Lucifer is emotionally taxing. After pouring his heart out to the angels, they want his help with their problem. The angels want Cas to bring Gabriel to Heaven and they will help with everything else.

Also, surprise Naomi is back. A simple drill to the head couldn’t kill her. It’s always a pleasure to see Amanda Tapping on TV, so this is one of those cool Supernatural resurrections.

Naomi lets Cas in on the sad truth that there are maybe only 11 angels left in existence and they are the only ones keeping the power on in Heaven.

Even worse, when Heaven falls all the souls will land back on Earth and that means lots of ghosts popping up around the world.

When news of Rowena’s murders show up in the headlines, Sam and Dean head for Portland to stop her. On the way there Jessica, a reaper Dean previously encountered, pops up to tell them she’s been watching over them since then at Death’s request.

Apparently, she’s become intimately familiar with the hilarious details of their lives. She offers to help with the case.

Turns out Rowena is killing people before their time, which throws off fate. If she kills enough people, Death will be forced to do a mass kill off to reset everything.

Rowena knows exactly what she’s doing, because this is all an extortion scheme against Death, so she will bring Crowley back. It’s very motherly in her own twisted way.


Kayla Stanton as Jessica and Jensen Ackles as Dean in the Supernatural episode Funeralia. Source: spoilersguide

Rowena kidnaps Sam while Dean is fighting her minion Bernard, who was not being mind controlled, just paid well.

Billie finally shows up to confront Rowena, letting her know that Death doesn’t negotiate and is not a fan of blackmail.

Rowena tries to use her powers on Billie, but she’s Death, so nothing happened.

In the most intriguing and frightening moment of the episode, before she leaves Billie tells Dean “see you soon.”

File that under things you never want to hear from Death.

Isn’t it time for Chuck to show up and deal with the lack of angels in the world. Does he really want Heaven to run out of power?

Hopefully, Rowena decides to work with the boys, because the plans are always a little more fun when they’ve got someone evil on their side.

Expect the next few episodes to be non-stop until the finale.

Also happening around the Impala:

Jessica says Sam is the one destined to kill Rowena.


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