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#SOTD: The Weeknd- Try Me

Almost two years after his last studio album, Starboy, The Weeknd surprised fans with his 6 track EP My dear Melancholy. Although he was featured on Black Panther: The Album, it seems like it’s been a long time since we’ve heard any new music from him.

The EP is lead by the single “Call Out My Name”, an amazing track that you can tell was written from the heart. However, on this Thursday I have chosen the second track in the EP as song of the day, “Try Me.” A somber record with a consistent melancholia theme due to a broken heart. This is quite a leap from his last single released from Starboy called “Die for You,” which was a song dedicated to his lover that he’d die for.

What I took from this song is that after he and his ex had broken up, she has someone else. This is someone she seems to have already had relations with. Take it how you will, but I won’t fill in names. However this doesn’t really faze him. He doesn’t want to break them up, but if she needs him he’s there:

Well, I’m not tryna break up something

You’ve been workin’ out, you’ve been steady

But I’m ready to go all the way if you let me

Don’t you tempt me

He says the same thing in the chorus but this time he asks her to put her pride aside:

Can you try me?

Once you put your pride aside

You can notify me

You’re the best I ever had

Baby girl, remind me

“Try Me” was also released with a music video currently only available for streaming on Spotify:

All in all, I love this track and the entirety of the EP. It definitely gets a 10/10, would recommend.

The Weeknd’s EP My Dear Melancholy is available to be streamed on Spotify and purchased on iTunes.



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