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‘Overwatch’ Launches Surprise Season of 6v6 Competitive Elimination Mode

Overwatch fans are being treated to a surprise competitive 6v6 game mode season as part of the game’s arcade mode. The game mode,  6v6 Competitive Elimination, started yesterday at 5 PM PST, and will continue until May 7, 5 PST.

The mode implements the “Lockout” rule, which means that once a team wins with a certain hero, that hero becomes unavailable to the team for the remainder of the game’s match. Blizzard has made all the Elimination maps available to play throughout the season, and even added Ayutthaya as an extra map.

Lockouts will force players to show off their skills as a variety of heroes, as they’ll have to switch in and out to keep winning.

Will you be trying your hand at 6v6 Competitive Elimination? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to show us how you do!

Source: Blizzard

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