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Octopath Traveler Reveals Two New Adventurers and Details Morality System

The journey for Square Enix’s latest game, Octopath Traveler, has almost come to an end. Leading up to the July 13th release date a new video has been released detailing 2 more of the games 8 adventurers.

First revealed was H’aanit, a hunter class fighter whose special ability provoke allows her to use her animal companions to scare off enemies and create distractions, opening doors to new opportunities. In combat, H’aanit is skilled with bows and gains additional chances to land critical hits due to her being a Hunter.

The second adventurer revealed was the thief, Therion. Through Therion’s path action, steal, he can swipe the items of enemies and even obtain items that aren’t available in any of the game’s stores. In battle, he uses his agility to quickly land multiple hits with his dagger and manages his resources by stealing HP and SP from his enemies.

Also revealed in the trailer was Octopath Traveller’s morality system. Split into “Noble” and “Rogue” your playstyle may affect how the villagers and NPC’s react with you throughout your adventure. For example, if when playing on Therion’s path the player is caught stealing, people may become less willing to talk to him, making it impossible to accept certain quests. Players will always have the option to clear their name by paying off the local barkeep to spread good stories, repairing the traveler’s reputation.

Octopath Traveler is scheduled for release on July 13th for the Nintendo Switch. If you need something to hold you off, for the time being, a demo is available now on the Nintendo Eshop featuring the paths of the Warrior and Dancer!

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