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‘Supergirl’ S3 Ep.14: ‘Schott Through the Heart’ Review

Supergirl returns from hiatus by finally giving fans an episode focused on Winn. His difficult childhood is revisited with the death of his infamous father Toyman.

We open on Kara delivering an awesome pep talk before the gang hits karaoke. J’onn J’onzz doing Whitney Houston is the MVP.

Unfortunately, Winn is interrupted by the news of his father’s death. Given their difficult past, his feelings are conflicted.


Jeremy Jordan as Winn and Laurie Metcalf as Mary in the Supergirl episode Schott Through the Heart. Source: Heroes Vue

Everyone shows up to the funeral to support Winn and are all surprised by the sudden appearance of his mother Mary, played by the always stellar Laurie Metcalf.

Kara hears a Jack in the Box about to explode from the casket and Supergirl saves everyone in the nick of time.

On top of his father’s death, Winn is also having trouble dealing with his mother’s return after 20 years.

Mary says Toyman threatened to kill Winn if she ever came near him, but he tells her about how it felt to be abandoned the night his father was arrested. He confesses that losing her still haunts him. Wow, Jeremy Jordan is just fantastic in this scene. You can’t look away from his perfect mix of contempt, sadness and regret.


Alex (Chyler Leigh), J’onn (David Harewood) and M’yrnn (Carl Lumbly) have a family dinner in the Supergirl episode Schott Through the Heart. Source: Heroes Vue

The emotional family reunion is interrupted by robotic flying monkeys, because of course. And the DEO is destroyed again. How do they keep fixing the place up every week? Seriously, what are the insurance premiums for that building?

At a family dinner J’onn explains to Alex that even though he was forced to be Hank Henshaw, he would never want to change the color of his skin to be accepted. It’s a nice rare moment where they touch on the fact that J’onn chooses to be black.

It becomes increasingly clear that M’yrnn is having memory problems. Alex talks to him about her grandmother with Alzheimer’s and he confesses that he’s sick, but has no plans to tell J’onn. However, by the end of the episode he has to tell J’onn. We are once again reminded of the spectacular performance that Carl Lumbly gives whenever he shows up.

Mary finally tells Winn about how she tried to leave, but his father tracked them down. She says Toyman was always controlling, paranoid and abusive, then she apologizes for not protecting him from it all. As usual, Metcalf is amazing.

While working with Winn, Mary figures out who attacked them and confronts her, but is captured by toys before she can do anything.

The Toyman’s new apprentice is a maintenance worker from the prison, who is carrying out his final wishes.


Mary (Laurie Metcalf) and Winn (Jeremy Jordan) finally get to have their mother/son karaoke duet. Source: Heroes Vue

Winn, accompanied by Supergirl, Mon-El and James, goes to save his mother. He uses everything he knows about Toyman to defeat her and save his mom. She instantly goes into mom mode, checking on his wounds.

We wrap up back at karaoke with Winn and his mom singing Take on Me.

In the continuing will they, won’t they drama of Kara and Mon-El, he talks to her about Imra and Brainiac lying to him and apologizes for all the times he did it to her. He also lets her know that the Blight they’ve been hunting is one of the worldkillers she’s after.

This was a great episode to return with. It expertly blended emotion, humor and canon. It also was a tremendous showcase for Jordan’s Winn, who deserves more time to shine.

Also happening around National City:

“Bastard always wanted to go out with a bang.” – Mary after the casket explodes.

Kara tells Mary that flying monkeys are only a two on the daily threat scale.

“It’s so rare to find a superhero in mint condition.” – The apprentice after trapping Supergirl in a life size action figure package.

“Don’t Luke Skywalker this.” – Mary as she’s being rescued by Winn.

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