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John Ridley Is Teaming Up With Blumhouse Productions To Adapt Ridley’s Superhero Comic, ‘The American Way’

John Ridley is partnering up with Jason Blum for the movie adaptation of Ridley’s comic book series The American Way.


Ridley is attached to write and direct the project. The American Way: Those Above and Those Below is a six-issue monthly series published in 2017 by Vertigo. The series is a sequel to Ridley’s 2007 graphic novel, The American Way, which he wrote with illustrator George Jeanty.

“…a team of 1960s superheroes were created and called the Civil Defense Corps. The story focuses on Jason Fisher’s the New American, a black man given super strength but a limited pain threshold while the rest of the corps is torn apart by racism and murder.”

Ridley is an Academy-Award winning writer, he won for 12 Years A Slave. His career has largely focused on the Black experience in America and his comic tackles race and social issues with superheroes. The American Way adds to his incredibly impressive resume. Superheroes are the hottest thing in the business right now, and The American Way can serve as an effective way to tackle difficult issues.

Jason Blum specializes in low-budget genres films, mostly horror, and he is no stranger to tackling difficult issues with genre films. He has produced Get Out, Split, and the Purge series. Ridley and Blum teaming up on this project is a matched made in heaven, and will certainly be a profitable collaboration for both men.

The project is still in early stages, but Blumhouse is fast-tracking the project. They recently released Truth or Dare, and the next feature to hit theatres is sci-fi horror Upgrade.

Source: Deadline.

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