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Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Gives a First Look at the 80’s Inspired Mini-Games

This past weekend Square Enix celebrated the 2nd year anniversary of their mobile game KINGDOM HEARTS UnionX[Cross]. At the game’s first official North American community event, fans celebrated by attending panels from the game’s developers and testing out upcoming content.

Among the new content on display at the event was CLASSIC KINGDOM, a new mini-game which is set to appear in both KINGDOM HEARTS UnionX[Cross] and KINGDOM HEARTS III when it’s released later this year. The adorable mini-game plays out similar to a classic 1980’s LCD Tiger Electronics games, with Sora working alongside Mickey to accomplish task ranging from serving food to battling giants. Check out the first footage of CLASSIC KINGDOM below:

What do you think of this new minigame? Will you be taking a blast to the past with CLASSIC KINGDOM, or are you going to stick to KINGDOM HEART III‘s mainline gameplay? Head over to our Discord and let us know what you think or drop us a comment!

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