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Justice League Artist Shares Early Steppenwolf Concept Images

Steppenwolf remains one of the more derided elements of Justice League. Everything from the villain’s design to his character arc throughout the film is subject to ridicule. However, much like Doomsday before him, Steppenwolf garners interest beyond what’s presented on film. This is due in large part to Justice League concept art and anecdotes that didn’t make the cut continuing to surface.

The film’s concept artist, Jerad Marantz, recently took to Instagram to share his and costume designer Michael Wilkinson’s early designs for the Apokoliptian general.

In the caption below the images, Marantz refers to this as a “human face option.” This compelling glimpse into what may have been harkens back to iterations of Steppenwolf where his visage bears human-like features and a goatee. Of additional note is the design of his head. Here the horns that constitute a helmet on film are apparently extensions of the villain’s head. There’s a demonic quality of sorts, which melds well with his armor’s rigged design.

More of Marantz’ work can be found on his Instagram page.

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