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Sony International Is Making A Spanish Adaptation of ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’

Through a collaboration between Zamora Films and Alameda Films, beloved film My Best Friend’s Wedding will soon be back in theaters only this time as a Spanish film titled La Boda de Mi Mejor Amigo and starring Ana Serradilla, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Carlos Ferro and Natasha Dupeyrón with Serradilla playing the main character.

Released in 1997, My Best Friend’s Wedding revolves around a 27-year-old food critic who realizes she’s in love with her best friend and tries to win his heart only days before he’s slated to marry someone else.  The film grossed nearly $300M at the worldwide box office and is considered to be one of the best and classic romantic comedy films of all time. My Best Friend’s wedding even has a memorable scene featuring the song “I Say a Little Prayer” that has been seen and parodied all over the globe and the score was even nominated for an Academy Award.

While not the first remake of the iconic move (there’s a Chinese version that was released back in 2016) Laine Kline, Head of Sony Pictures International Productions, had this to say about the upcoming adaptation:

My Best Friend’s Wedding was not only a box office smash worldwide but a theatrical and cultural touchstone. You don’t often have the chance to remake and localize such an esteemed, successful and important film whose DNA is woven into the romantic comedy genre as we know it today. We are excited to retell this story for new and old audiences.”

As of right now, the film is on target for an expected 2019 release.

Ya’ll excited for this remake? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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