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‘Supernatural’ S13 Ep.18: ‘Bring ’em Back Alive’ Review

After spending half the season trying to figure out how to open a door, Dean, accompanied by Ketch, is finally in the apocalypse world.

Dean and Ketch land and he reluctantly agrees to let Ketch stick around as backup.

He sees old friend Charlie as one of the angel captives. She’s got the same spirit as our Charlie. It’s always fun to see Felicia Day back.


Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer and Daneel Ackles as Jo in the Supernatural episode Bring ’em Back Alive. Source: spoilersguide

Asmodeus is upset because he can’t track Gabriel. Apparently, they have some sort of connection.

In Heaven, Lucifer isn’t doing much. In fact he’s more like a spoiled, entitled rich kid than the most feared archangel.

He is challenged by Jo to be more like God. When he answers prayers from an exorcism, he expels the demon, but can’t keep from killing the uncooperative priests.

Sam and Cas take care of Gabriel, trying to figure out what happened to him.

The Gabriel killed by Lucifer was another trick. He moved to Monte Carlo and lived with porn stars. This moment featured great flashbacks to season five.

On a side note, we need a web series or comic book about Gabriel’s adventures in Monte Carlo.

He was then kidnapped by Asmodeus, who’s spent years stealing Gabriel’s grace.


Richard Speight Jr. as Gabriel and Jared Padalecki as Sam in the Supernatural episode Bring ’em Back Alive. Source: spoilersguide

Dean is attacked by a random guy, but he and Ketch get the upper hand. They find the way to the POW camp, but Dean was poisoned in the attack. Despite this, they decide to move forward with a rescue.

Sam gives an inspiring Winchester “the importance of family” pep talk that sparks Gabriel back into the world. Unfortunately, this means Asmodeus can now sense him.

If Gabriel is truly back, then we need a visit from Chuck so we can see Richard Speight Jr. and Rob Benedict on screen together.

Lucifer gives up after one bad job and says he wants to find Jack so he can use his power to remake the world. Jo challenges him, he nearly kills her and she’s done with him.

After saving Charlie, Dean returns to his world for back up while Ketch and Charlie stay behind to find Mary and Jack.

Asmodeus comes to the bunker for Gabriel, but just when things look bleak Gabriel gets his mojo back and kills Asmodeus.

However, when push comes to shove he’s not ready to join Team Free Will a second time.

Without Gabriel the guys can’t open another door and are back where they started.

Like most seasons of Supernatural, the death of the first villain means we’re heading into the homestretch, so the real big bad will take over. This year that means Michael.

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