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Donald Glover Celebrated Landing Lando Role Like A True ‘Star Wars’ Fan

Donald Glover was just as excited to receive his role as Lando Calrissian as we here at Geeks of Color were.

According to Glover after he received the news that he would be playing Lando he, “bought a whole pizza and went home and watched The Empire Strikes Back.” He then stated that he watched a lot of films from the 1970s that he believed were “that I thought would be his kind of style.”

According to another interview, Glover believes that Lando is a “complicated” character, however which made discovering who Lando a journey, however he says that the experience was fun and enjoyable.

Glover finally stated “I like seeing Han and Lando beforehand because it allows you know to that, yeah, people aren’t perfect. People have to grow,”

Solo: A Star Wars Story releases on May 25, 2018.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter


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