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Sanaa Lathan Joins ‘Native Son’ Cast

It was recently announced that A24 has received the rights to turn Native Son into a motion picture and news about the film has been slowly trickling in, with the most recent announcement being the newest addition to the cast in the form of actress Sanaa Lathan.

Published in 1940, Native Son tells the story of an African American youth attempting to survive poverty in Chicago during the 1930s. Richard Wright’s novel was a successful and groundbreaking best seller. While the book was criticized for making main character Bigger a stereotype more than a person, the novel’s significance can not be overlooked, James Baldwin-one of its critics- even remarking that, “No American Negro exists who does not have his private Bigger Thomas living in his skull.”

Lathan is currently set to play Trudy Thomas, Bigger’s mother, who is doing her best to raise her three children in a small southside apartment. The story unfolds when her boyfriend arranges a job interview for Bigger as a chauffeur for a real estate mogul that will, unfortunately, end up with consequences of large proportions for both families involved.

Other previously announced cast members include Margaret Qualley, Bill Camp and Nick Robinson and Ashton Sanders as protagonist Bigger.

Are ya’ll ready for Native Son? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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