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‘Black Lightning’ S1 Ep.12: ‘The Resurrection and the Light: The Book of Pain’ Review

The penultimate episode of Black Lightning’s first season builds to the long-awaited showdown between Tobias and Jeff.

Tobias is back and meeting with Proctor. He wants Tobias to bring in Black Lightning alive so he can experiment on him and perfect Green Light. The ASA also healed Khalil, who has dreads now and is working for Tobias.

The unsung hero of Tobias’ crew is definitely Charlbi Dean’s Syonide. She does all the real dirty work and is probably tougher than Tobias. We need to know more about who she is and how she started working for Tobias. We also need to know who does her hair, because it is always on point, no matter who she’s killing.

1x12-tobias-black lighting

Tobias (Marvin “Krondon” Jones III) and Black Lightning (Cress Williams) have their showdown at the high school. Source: Heroes Vue

Lynn calls Jeff over so they can sleep together and reunite. Everything they’ve been through lately has helped her get past her issues. Though she doesn’t want to tell the girls they might be back together.

Jeff tells Jennifer to stay away from Khalil, which we all know isn’t going to work. Then it takes her like two minutes to get a message from him and run out of the house.

Yes, teenagers never listen to their parents, but when your ex is involved with dangerous people hunting metahumans, including your father and sister, maybe this is the one time you listen.

Khalil tells Jennifer he got a special procedure and the minute she asks one question, he flies off the handle, so let’s all keep an eye on him.

Jeff is clearly not happy that Lynn is trying to supress the genes that cause Jennifer’s powers. He breaks up with Lynn and just like that the reunion tour is canceled.

Tobias sends Khalil to the high school to cause trouble so they can lure out Black Lightning. This is where it becomes clear to Khalil that he’s in over his head.

Meanwhile, Lala is still killing dealers who don’t deliver. This doesn’t seem like a very cost effective way to run a business.


Nafessa Williams as Thunder and Charlbi Dean as Syonide in the Black Lightning episode The Resurrection and the Light: The Book of Pain. Source: Heroes Vue

The team tracks down what they think is the ASA lab, but Khalil’s attack on the school changes the plans.

Black Lightning and Thunder show up to save the kids and Anissa has a spectacular fight scene with Syonide. Their fight could stand up against anything that the Arrowverse has done is six years.

Black Lightning is killed during his fight with Tobias and Khalil, but Jennifer shocks him back to life. The family is back at the safe house, with Lynn treating Jeff and Gambi trying to keep them off the grid.

Turns out Lala is still working for Tobias and their plan is to kill Proctor so they can run everything. Tobias is getting way too ambitious. Proctor seems like the kind of guy many people have tried to kill over the years, and he’s still alive.

This was a fantastic set up of the season finale. All the loose threads were brought together, with everything hanging in the balance for next week.

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