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Legends of Tomorrow S3 Ep. 18 ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly’ Season Finale Review

Although the title may have given it away, I was not expecting what we got in the end. A character departs, but several make a fun return! And the movies this episode references are more than you’d expect.

Spoilers Ahead

I promise you, there will never be a show like Legends of Tomorrow because what it did in its finale is completely insane and the most bizarre thing about it is that it oddly works for the series. Some films referenced is The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, as you can guess from the title, but also The Care Bears Movie. Yes… I know. The final battle between the Legends when they joined together through the totems which beamed together, like Care Bears, and then form to become a giant Beebo toy doll from the episode ‘Beebo the God of War.’ The fight itself is ridiculous, but I couldn’t help but grin the entire time.

The series has always tackled several subgenres and I was beginning to wonder whether they were gonna have a Western episode this season and was happy they saved one of the best settings of the show for last! Several characters from the past return: Jonah Hex fights alongside the Legends and there’s some flirting between him and Zari, which works really well.

Villains from history also with Caesar, Blackbeard, and Freydis, alongside their army of Romans, Pirates, and Vikings. Luckily Ava brings back up with Helen of Troy as an Amazonian. Kuasa who is good from the new timeline Amaya created last episode. But most importantly, Jax returns! Specifically Jax five years in the future, who’s married and has a kid! Though it didn’t feel like he was necessary, especially during the battle, it was nice to see him fight alongside the team.

The battle itself is entertaining. It’s Pirates, Vikings, and Romans, fighting the Legends in Western attire, any fan of the show can’t resist that. Although Ray seemed like he wasn’t in the fight that much. Although I did like his journey back in time with Damien to save Nora. It seems like that’ll be the last we see of him and he’s easily the best villain the Legends have ever had.

Mallus as a whole were rather disappointing because it’s just a giants CGI demon. What made the season great was the entire journey to the finale which was very entertaining and good, but Mallus is a weak spot for the season, even though it’s never been about him, but more about the Legends coming together.

We say goodbye to Amaya who returns to her time and her home. They’ve been teasing it the entire season, which makes sense. Admittedly one of the weaker parts of Legends was the relationship between Nate and Amaya; though I would’ve liked to have seen more Vixen, maybe Nate can grow more as a character.

I can’t forget the heroic death of the Legends character that started it all, Rip Hunter. Or so we think? Ray changed the timeline and Rip is still alive technically, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of him in the future.

The episode ends with Constantine, along with Gary, interrupting the Legends vacation, showing that they open several holes, Mallus isn’t the only demon out there. So I’m glad we’re going to still be dealing with the mythical/fantastical genre in the future and if we’re dealing with demons, I wonder if we’ll see one from the comics?? (Etrigan).

What did you think of the finale? How did you enjoy this season as a whole? Be sure to let us know!

Legends of Tomorrow will return for a 4th Season!

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