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Anson Mount to Play ‘Star Trek: Discovery’s’ Captain Pike

It seems viewers of Star Trek: Discovery will meet the Captain of the Enterprise, just not the one they’re thinking of.

Anson Mount will leave Marvel behind to join Starfleet as Captain Pike in the series’ second season.

The Inhumans star will play the man who captains the Enterprise before James T. Kirk. The actor confirmed the news on Twitter.

Christopher Pike led the starship in the original series’ pilot, scenes of which were then used in the two-part episode The Menagerie.

The character returned to the franchise in the film reboots played by Bruce Greenwood in Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness.

When we left off with Star Trek: Discovery in the season one finale, the crew answered a distress call from a ship that turned out to be the Enterprise.

Star Trek: Discovery streams on CBS All Access.

Are you interested to see Anson Mount join the Star Trek universe?

Source: TV Line

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