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‘The Raid’ Action Star Iko Uwais Joins Kumail Nanjiani And Dave Bautista In Fox Action Comedy ‘Stuber’

The Raid: Redemption and The Raid 2 are two of the best action movies that the last decade has had to offer. The series and its cast have grown a huge following since the films’ release. Fans eager for a Raid 3 have also since gotten other chances to see their favorite Indonesian action stars shine in similar films. The cast even made a brief appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens as the infamous kanjiklub. One star from the series has just recently signed on to his next Hollywood project. Besides leading The Raid films, Iko Uwais has starred in other action-packed films such Triple Threat and Headshot. If one does not know Iko Uwais’ name by now, then they sure will soon.



Uwais in Headshot (2016)


Deadline is reporting that Uwais has joined 20th Century Fox’s upcoming action comedy Stuber. Some may not know that besides acting, Uwais is also a fight choreographer. His balance of both crafts reflects in his outstanding performances on screen. He just finished starring and choreographing huge fight scenes in Mile 22 alongside Mark Wahlberg. It would be fair to assume that his action talents will play a fair role in Stuber. 

Uwais’ role in the film is still unknown, but there are enough details about the rest of the project to hook one in. Dave Bautista plays a determined detective who brings along an unsuspecting Uber driver for one night of mayhem on the road. The driver will be played by the one and only Kumail Nanjiani. Micahel Dowse is directing with Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley serving as producers. Goldstein and Francis Daley directed Game Night and have screenplay credit on Spider-Man: Homecoming. One can easily tell these two have a great eye for comedy by just seeing these two works.

With an incredibly funny diverse cast and the right eyes for comedy behind the screen, who knows how Uwais’ talents will be utilized? Could he take a shot at playing a villain instead of a hero for a fun change? The thought of seeing Uwais next to Nanjiani and Bautista in some wild unorthodox situation should be enough to grab peoples’ wallets. It is not very often that action comedies feature more than a few people of color as leads. How excited are you to see this trio on screen? Sound off your hype in the comments below and do not miss out on what is sure to be a special hit.

Source: Deadline

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