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Firewatch is Bringing the Loneliness of the Wyoming Forest to Nintendo Switch

Campo Santo wants to take us back to Shoshone National Forest to once again reveal the secrets of the mystery which took place years ago. The team at Campo Santo has been hard at work stripping Firewatch “down to the studs” and building it back up into the ideal gaming experience for the Nintendo Switch.

In the release, along with faster load times and overall more responsive gameplay, the team is sprinkling in a few hidden Nintendo Switch exclusives into the port.

But don’t worry the Nintendo Switch won’t be hogging all of the latest improvements for long. With the announcement, Campo Santo also revealed that the same optimizations will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac, and PC as well. An impressive effort showing a rarely seen level of dedication for a single player that came out over two years ago!

As of now, outside of a vague coming soon, Campo Santo hasn’t hinted to when we should expect to see Firewatch booting up on the Nintendo Switch. However, I’m grateful to see this young studio continue to provide unique single player experiences with Firewatch‘s rerelease and In The Valley of Gods coming in 2019.

Source: Campo Santo

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