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‘Supernatural’ S13 Ep.17: ‘The Thing’ Review

After last week’s adventures with the Scooby gang, the Winchesters are back to the business of opening a rift.

It’s very clear we’re back in the real Supernatural world, as we open with a cult making a religious sacrifice in the 1920s.

Sam and Dean are on the hunt for a jewel of the cosmos to use in their spell. Based on a book in the archives they head to a Men of Letters outpost in Rhode Island.


David Haydn-Jones as Ketch and Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Asmodeus in the Supernatural episode The Thing. Source: spoilersguide 

They find the young woman from the sacrifice still trapped in the outpost and she hasn’t aged. The boys are spotted by current day cult member Marco at the local diner, so now the cult knows they have the girl.

In Hell, Ketch walks in on Asmodeus torturing Gabriel by stealing his grace. The Prince of Hell wants Ketch to stop Sam and Dean from getting everything they need to open a rift.

Ketch gets mouthy, shows a little too much independence to Asmodeus and he beats the crap out of him.

A little later, Asmodeus puts Ketch in his place and reminds him that he’s not the guy he pretends to be. Jeffrey Vincent Parise is great in this scene, as we get our best look into the mind of the Prince of Hell.

His pity party kicks Ketch into escaping with Gabriel.


Richard Speight Jr. as Gabriel. Source: spoilersguide

We need to take a moment and discuss Gabriel. We don’t know what he’s been through, but he’s obviously not the cocky Trickster we know and love.

The other cult members attack the diner and kidnap Sam. Turns out nice girl Sandy is actually an evil God from another dimension and the boys really shouldn’t have released her. She eats people.

They’re mad at Sam and Dean for letting her out, but maybe someone should have been guarding the door or at least put up a sign.

Sandy kills a few guys and decides she wants to make Dean the host for her mate. Crazy, but understandable since we all want to marry Jensen Ackles.

Sam and the others burst in, saving Dean just in time and send Sandy back to her own world.

Ketch brings Gabriel to Sam and Dean and asks for their protection from Asmodeus. Dean and Ketch go through the door, while Sam stays behind with Gabriel.

The episode ends with what we’ve been waiting half the season for, a trip to the other world to rescue Mary and Jack.

It also served to remind Sam and Dean the dangers of opening a door to another world. Something you’d think they remember after ending up in the bad place and losing Kaia.

Also happening around The Bunker:

Dean is still saying “Jinkies”


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