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‘Arrow’ S6 Ep.17: ‘Brothers in Arms’

As if we haven’t gotten enough infighting this season, Oliver and Diggle finally deal with some of their long simmering issues this week.

But first, Dinah leads a mission to take down Anatoli with the few cops she can trust and Oliver and John backing her up. Anatoli lets Oliver know that Diaz has people everywhere.

The Assistant DA gets Anatoli off on a technicality and now they know Diaz has more people on his payroll than they thought.


David Nykl as Anatoli and Stephen Amell as Oliver in the Arrow episode Brothers in Arms. Source: Heroes Vue

Oliver fires Captain Hill and the DA for being in Diaz’s pocket, but you just know that’s coming back to bite him.

Anatoli and Diaz kill one of the cops who went on the raid with DInah to send a message. She and Curtis accompany the rest to a safe house.

Oliver tells Diggle that he’s not giving him the hood back, of course, he does it in the most obnoxious way.

Oliver sincerely apologizes to John and thinks it’s over, but clearly it’s not.

The trio thinks if they can stop Diaz’s Vertigo supply, they can stop his money. After an attempt to put pressure on his supplier fails, Oliver and Diggle blame each other and the cracks begin to form.


Diggle (David Ramsey) and Oliver (Stephen Amell) settle their long simmering differences in the Arrow episode Brothers in Arms. Source: Heroes Vue

Black Siren is still in contact with Diaz. He even shows up at Quentin’s apartment to flirt with her. It’s here that Kirk Acevedo really showcases the perfect blend of menace and cockiness that he’s been displaying all season long.

Diggle finally confronts Oliver on what he perceives as his lack in judgement as a leader. Oliver counters with the mistakes that John made when he went in the field while injured and it escalates into attacks about Samantha and Andy.

And just like that it is on! Diggle and Oliver are having a fight six years in the making.

Luckily, Felicity walks in and snaps them back to their senses. They then head out to go after the Vertigo operation.

Unfortunately, Dinah and Curtis have bigger problems, as one of the cops in the safe house has switched sides and shoots Curtis. He’s fine, because he was wearing his Mister Terrific gear underneath his clothes.

In another great Arrow action sequence, Oliver and Diggle’s attack on the Vertigo lab is intercut with the attack on the cops and it meshes beautifully. These scenes are really when the show shines.


His wife Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) is all Oliver (Stephen Amell) has left. Source: Heroes Vue

While John and Oliver make up, Diggle feels that he has to leave Oliver to find the best version of himself. Lyla offers him a job at A.R.G.U.S.

So, now we’re down to just Oliver and Felicity on Team Arrow. Seriously!? What is the endgame of all this?

As her last act, Hill fires all the clean cops on the force and now Diaz really does control things.

Oliver is in more trouble than ever, with the DA and Hill accusing him of obstruction of justice and calling for his impeachment.

Meanwhile, Black Siren is obviously still on Diaz’s side since she’s making out with him in his lair.

Can someone tell me why they are deadet on ruining the team this season? There must be a reason, but we can’t see it right now.

The endgame needs to be worth all the drama they’ve put us through. And those scenes from next week better be part of some elaborate plan.

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