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Fear the Reaper in the Sinister Story Trailer for ‘Vampyr’

DONTNOD dropped an eerie trailer revealing the origin of the protagonist, Dr. Jonathan Reid, in their upcoming action-RPG Vampyr. Set to a creeping cover of (Don’t Fear) the Reaper, the Story Trailer sets a grim tone with Reid jolting awake in the middle of a plagued and war-torn 20th century London.

Upon returning home from the Great War, Jonathan has his world-view shaken as he discovers a once-hidden occult world. As a recently converted vampire, or Ekon which he’s corrected into saying by a disembodied voice, Jonathan has to struggle between his thirst for blood and his creed to do no harm.

Utilizing both his scientific prowess and newfound vampiric abilities, Jonathan must uncover the secret to a string of murders, all the while trying to find a cure for the ailment spreading throughout the town. It’s up to the player’s discretion to decide if Reid will sacrifice his morals, giving in to his bloodlust in the name of a greater good. Or to take the more challenging high road of completing his objective with limited abilities. A moral dilemma which the DONTNOD team believes will prove to be the game’s greatest challenge.

Vampyr will release on June 5th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC! How do you plan on playing Vampyr? Will you employ the full benefit of your vampire talents, or attempt to maintain your humanity? Let us know in the comments below or come hang out with us in our community Discord!

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