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‘Black Lightning’ S1 Ep.11: ‘Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion’ Review

We jump right in to the action with Black Lightning and Thunder breaking down doors to find where the ASA subjects have been moved to.

They find an armory of anti-Black Lightning weapons and destroy them. They are working with Gambi again which is nice, because everyone is at their best when they work as a team.

1x11-thunder walking

Nafessa Williams as Anissa Pierce/Thunder. Source: Heroes Vue

At the ASA lab, Fowdy is keeping track of all the kids they have in pods there. Let’s hope they don’t try to redeem her with some sort of “they were forcing me” storyline. She has been trouble from day one.

Just to prove it, Fowdy pays some cops to arrest Jeff at the high school, to tarnish his name and embarrass him. When Anissa figures out who she is, the beat down will be epic.

Cress Williams is particularly great in this scene, as he must try to hold his head up, keep his dignity and take care of his students all while being carted out of his school in handcuffs.

Obviously, Henderson doesn’t believe Jeff is a drug dealer, but he can’t understand why someone is trying to set up his friend. It’s going to break their friendship when he realizes Jeff has been lying to him for 30 years.


Anthony Reynolds as Deputy Chief Cayman and Damon Gupton as Henderson in the Black Lightning episode Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion. Source: Heroes Vue

Gambi manufactures a hologram for Anissa to use to make a scene and prove Jeff isn’t Black Lightning. It’s a clever plan, but this would have been the perfect time for Jennifer to use her powers to draw attention away from Jeff.

Henderson takes down the dirty cops who framed Jeff and in the process gets promoted to Deputy Chief. Did he do it to help his friend or to get a better job? Keep your eyes on Henderson.

After he is released from prison, Jeff finally forgives Gambi and they pledged to rescue the kids from the ASA.

This episode was really a showcase for Williams. The sequence featuring his arrest and incarceration ran the gamut of emotions without being obvious or over the top.

Also happening around Freeland:

Another music homerun, as the arrest scene is set to This Land is Your Land by the amazing Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings.

In the ASA lab, one of the subjects dies, meaning they will be looking for more kids to experiment on.

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