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Minit is the Perfect Puzzle Where You Die Every 60 Seconds

Minit is a black & white, lo-fi style game reminiscent of Undertale. In the latest title from the Jan “JW” Nijman (co-founder of Vlambeer), Kitty Calis (producer of Horizon: Zero Dawn), Dominik Johann (Accounting+) and composer Jukio Kallio (Luftrausers, Bleed2) comes a game where you play as a little duck-billed guy who wields a cursed sword that somehow causes him to die every 60 seconds. An easy-to-pick up yet hard-to-put down puzzle-solver, Minit will give you several hours of fun and intrigue as you try to do the most you can – in under a minute.

minit items

Minit makes you ask yourself a lot of questions like: “Who’s the cute turtle at the lighthouse?”

As you explore this cute pixel world, you find that your main objective is to search for puzzles and find items you need to solve them. With each new item, you add progress to your next life. Whether it’s an NPC you haven’t seen before or taking a previously blocked path, Minit makes you ask yourself a lot of questions like: “Who’s the cute turtle at the lighthouse? When can I cut through this bush? How fast can I get past this dark room?” You’ll also spend a life or two here and there to stop and appreciate the scenery. I definitely did.


Minit‘s characters, smooth effects and animation show off its fluid game design, adding to the game’s charm. From the flashes of bright white when you get a new item to the delicate sounds of each step you take, this tied to the unique chiptune music that plays in throughout the map makes for an incredibly well thought-out world that’s worth dying every 60 seconds for. Whenever the seaside theme comes to an abrupt halt when you die, it actually makes you appreciate starting from square one.

A gradual domino effect of “aha!” moments come together beautifully when you solve Minit‘s ultimate puzzle, and the way you get there feels very natural. From the adorable way the villagers talk to the catchy pixel-tune music, it really reminds me of Zelda but in a modern bite-sized form. Even with how monochromatic the game is, the game design makes it really hard to get lost, which is an incredible feat. There were even cues my younger sibling picked up before me just because of how well the audio and visual cues worked well together.


Minit is out today for Playstation 4, Xbox, and Steam for only $9.99! With it’s cute immersive world and rewarding puzzles, you don’t need any more convincing how much you get for such a low price. The Devolver team did an incredible job at making a nostalgic yet fresh title that earns a solid 9/10. The only thing I hope comes is a release on the Switch so I can continue my adventure on the go.

Whether you want to talk about how much the game reminds you of Zelda or have your own Minit-experience to share, share your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter! And don’t forget to show its creators & publisher Devolver Digital some love.

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