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‘Teen Titans Go!’ Producer Says Original Cartoon May Return

Since the debut of Teen Titans Go!, the new and veteran fans of the franchise have been quarreling over which iteration is better, 2003 vs. 2013, but mostly yearning for the return of the original cartoon that stole our hearts in the first place.

The original Teen Titans that was on air from 2003 to 2006 has been rumored to make a comeback. It doesn’t seem so far fetched, seeing as plenty of old shows have been rebooted due to audience’s overwhelming nostalgia for the shows of yore.

Despite being off air for almost a decade now, the producer of the current Teen Titans Go! franchise, Michael Jelenic, seems to think it’s slated for a return to the screen.

At WonderCon this past weekend, Jelenic was questioned about the original series, and whether or not a reboot is a plausible. To everyone’s delight, he told the fans he could “almost guarantee” the return. Now that’s a big declaration.

Although this doesn’t count as an official announcement, we can’t help but have hope.

The only downside we can pinpoint is that there would be too many types of Teen Titans media at once. Just this year we would have Teen Titans Go! to the Movies releasing on July 27, along with both the live-action Titans series and Young Justice premiering on DC’s exclusive streaming service sometime this Fall. These aren’t even counting the current comic books in rotation.

Even with the surplus of Teen Titans stories, I’m sure fans of the original series would still be enthusiastic over a return.

How does a Teen Titans return sound to you? Are you content with just Teen Titans Go! or would you like to see the old cartoon come to light again? Let us know!

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