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Sony’s “Venom” To Be Scored By “Black Panther” Composer Ludwig Goransson

Amongst all the comic book film hype for the year, some may forget that we are actually getting a Venom film. Do not forget that the film rights to Spider-Man and his supporting cast of characters are currently shared by Sony and Marvel Studios. Coming off Marvel Studios’ success at revitalizing the Spider-Man brand, Sony is starting to set their own plans for their half of the rights in action. Venom is currently set for an October 5th release this year and is only the first of a new wave of “Spidey-verse” films. It is hard to imagine this film not being a solid Sony release with a cast that boasts the talent of Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, and Riz Ahmed. If this star power is not enough to sell you, then Deadline has news for you. Were you one of the millions that saw and enjoyed Marvel’s, Black Panther? Did you also enjoy the film’s top-notch memorable score? If so then you might want to start churning your Venom hype.


The site is reporting that Ludwig Goransson’s next scoring project will indeed be Venom. His Black Panther score is superb in many ways (seriously listen to it on your downtime). His resume also sports variety that may surprise you. In fact, you might find out that you have already listened to his work in one way or another without knowing. He is most known for providing his musical talents for Ryan Coogler’s previous two films (Fruitvale Station and Creed). He also has music producing credit on every album, mixtape, and EP in Childish Gambino’s discography. He also has the sole television credit of writing the original music for both New Girl and Community.

The Swedish composer obviously does not need to prove that he has what it takes to score more films. Venom might offer him chances to play with themes of horror or paranoia. Does this raise your excitement or even start to get you interested in Venom? Let us know in the comments and show up to a theater on October 5th to let Goransson bless your ears.

Source: Deadline

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