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Last Night Season 3 of FLCL Debuted on Toonami, Season 2 is Expected in June

Last night Adult Swim and Toonami gave fans an unexpected April Fools gift by airing the first episode of FLCL: Alternative. Although the Toonami block traditionally focusses on airing English Dubs, last night they broke the mold by airing FLCL in its original Japanese audio.

Interestingly enough, the episode which debuted last night isn’t what we’ll be seeing when the show debuts on Toonami on June 2nd. Rather than showing rapidly approaching FLCL: Progressive, the network aired the first episode of the third season FLCL: Alternative. After the episode’s conclusion, Adult Swim creative director and vice president took to alleviate fan confusion.

Were you able to catch the debut of FLCL’s season 3 last night? Let us know what you thought in the comments below or swing by our Discord to hash out your thoughts in our anime channel!

Source: IGN

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