Lilly Singh Cast in NBC Comedy Pilot ‘Bright Futures’

“What up, everyone!  It’s your girl, Superwoman!”  These are the iconic opening lines of YouTuber Lilly Singh’s videos.  Singh has built a massive following on the video site creating sketches and skits.  Previously, she had been cast in HBO’s film Fahrenheit 451 alongside Michael B. Jordan.  Now, she has been cast in NBC’s comedy pilot Bright Futures.

lilly singh.jpgYouTuber Lilly Singh aka IISuperwomanII
Photo via Darling Magazine

It has also been announced that Emily Ratajkowski will join the cast alongside Singh as well as Jimmy Tatro and Calum Worthy.  Friends‘ alum Lisa Kudrow will act as the show’s narrator.

Singh is set to play Sid, a recent med school graduate who became a doctor mostly so people can call her doctor.  Ratajkowski will play the girl-next-door Sarah.

Recently, it was released that The Get Down‘s Shameik Moore will also be joining this cast.

What do you think of the entire cast?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Variety


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