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‘Arrow’ S6 Ep.16: ‘The Thanatos Guild’ Review

Arrow comes back from hiatus with its continued focus on the original members of Team Arrow.

We start at a secret League of Assassins meeting where they need Thea to lead them after a secret Thanatos map. Luckily, Nyssa is there to fight them off, blow up their lair and slow them down.

In the bunker, everyone except Curtis and Dinah are invited to Thea and Roy’s going away party. Thea and Oliver continue to have the most adorable brother/sister relationship.


Colton Haynes as Roy Harper and Willa Holland as Thea Queen in the Arrow episode The Thanatos Guild. Source:

Unfortunately, their getaway is delayed by League scouts, but Nyssa shows up in the nick of time.

Apparently, Malcolm left a secret map to some ancient treasure and the remaining League members believe Thea knows where it is.

They find the map quite easily, but it’s locked in a box with a secret code.

While the team battles with Athena and the evil League over the map, Curtis and Dinah continue investigating the police department, and Dinah is very suspicious of Captain Hill.

Not to continue to harp on the annoying turn the new team members have taken lately, but their absence during the action isn’t really noticeable.

While Felicity tries to figure out a way to decode the actual map, Athena and her evil League attack the city’s gas plant to force the team’s hand.


Emily Bett Rickards’ Felicity tries to figure out how to get into Malcolm’s coded box in the Arrow episode The Thanatos Guild. Source:

League of Assassins fight scenes are always spectacular and the two in this episode don’t disappoint.

Ultimately, Thea is able to wound Athena, but not kill her, so you know she’s coming back.

Curtis and Dinah find out that Hill is definitely dirty and that Diaz might be selling Vertigo.

Since nothing is ever really gone on this show, the Thanatos map leads to three lazarus pits. Other than the one in Nanda Parbat, there are two others. Thea and Roy decide to go with Nyssa to search out the pits and destroy them.

This was a nice call back to old school Team Arrow, with Oliver, Diggle, Felicity, Thea and Roy working alongside Nyssa. The lack of drama made everything more enjoyable.

However, that won’t last long, as the scenes from next week show Oliver and John fighting because Oliver kind of strung him along by not giving back the Green Arrow mantle.

Also happening around Star City:

Nyssa still calls Oliver husband, because she knows it messes with him and Felicity. Later she gives him a dagger that annuls their marriage.


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