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‘Black Lightning’ S1 Ep.10: ‘Sins of the Father: The Book of Redemption’ Review

After finally getting to see a father/daughter team up with Black Lightning and Thunder, this week we’re back to the heroes trying to bring down The One Hundred and figure out what the ASA is up to with Green Light.

We open with a young black girl getting high on Green Light. When she exhibits powers for a second, she is taken away by mysterious agents. We then cut to Anissa breaking into the lab where several subjects are being held.

Turns out the missing kids from 30 years ago may be still alive in a suspended state.


Nafessa Williams as Black Lightning’s Anissa Pierce/Thunder. Source: ComicBook

When Anissa and Jeff return to the lab, the kids are gone and an ASA team is waiting to ambush them.

Lala is still talking to people he killed. This week it’s his cousin from the first episode. Seems coming back from the dead has made him stronger and crazier.

Jeff’s old friend Two Bits, who witnessed the young girl’s kidnapping, tells Jeff what he saw. After hearing about a powered kid being taken, Jeff has Jennifer stay home from school and she again rails against having superpowers.

Though she’s a little whiny, it’s interesting to see an origin story from the point of view of someone who doesn’t care about having a higher calling or responsibility and just wants to be normal.

Anissa and Lynn both try to convince Jeff to forgive Gambi because they need his help, but he can’t trust him anymore.

Gambi is taken from his shop by his smarmy ASA boss. They beat and torture him to find out Black Lightning’s identity, but of course Gambi doesn’t break. They decide to go after Jeff to make Gambi talk. Together they take out the agents and escape, which seems like an obvious way of letting them know exactly who Black Lightning really is.

1x10-black lightning

Cress Williams as Black Lightning/Jefferson Pierce. Source: ComicBook

The situation allows Jeff see Gambi in a new light and they make up.

Turns out Vice Principal Fowdy is an ASA agent. Thought she was suspicious because she was so thirsty for a married man, but it’s even worse.

With Jefferson’s secret outed to the ASA and a looming clash coming between Lala and Tobias, this week was an excellent set up to the many storylines surrounding the final three season one episodes.

Also Happening Around Freeland:

Lala reaches a new low when he puts up his mom’s life as collateral in a drug deal. Really!? That’s possibly the worst thing we’ve seen on one of these shows.

Lynn runs scans on the girls and figures out that where Jeff is a battery, Jennifer is more of a generator.

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