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Vision and Scarlet Witch’s Relationship Will Be An Important Focal Point in ‘Infinity War’

The relationship between Scarlet Witch and Vision has been blossoming since Avengers: Age Of Ultron when Vision saved Wanda from being buried in rubble. We saw the evolution of that relationship in Captain America: Civil War, even though they both were on opposing sides of the fight which ended with Wanda behind bars and Vision as one of three final members of the Avengers.

Now its being reported that their relationship will play an important role in Avengers: Infinity War. Based on the trailer, the two will have reunited but only for a time as the destruction of Thanos and the Black Order will disrupt their love connection.

Paul Bettany who plays Vision and Elizabeth Olsen who plays the Scarlet Witch sat down with io9 to talk about that relationship and how it relates to the upcoming Infinity War storyline. Bettany first explained Wanda’s importance in Vision’s life:

“Vision’s been on this quest to understand what being human is and I think Scarlet Witch, in a large degree, helped him figure that out and what love is. It’s gonna be kind of a significant arc ’cause I got one of the stones in my head. There’s some really bad dudes who want the stone from my head and that’s a problem for Vision.”

Olsen went on to explain how their storyline plays apart in how she approached her role:

“This is definitely the most emotional arc I’ve done in an Avengers film, that’s for sure. It just feels like you have something really specific to work with all the time. That feels nice. There’s an anchor point to everything, which is what you’re constantly looking for when you’re doing these movies. You have your partner, your life partner with you by your side and that creates a different kind of stakes, as well.”

This storyline definitely sounds like it will add a layer of drama and weight that most comicbook movies don’t always have. The film is one month away, so the countdown continues until we see this love story play out on the big screen. Are you excited to see more of Vision and Scarlet Witch’s romantic connection? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Avengers: Infinity War blasts into theaters on April 27, 2018. Pre-order your tickets now!

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