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‘Krypton’ Showrunner Says Fans Should Not Expect A Crossover With The Arrowverse

Krypton made its debut on SyFy just a few days ago, where we saw Superman’s home planet before its fated destruction, presenting us a different take on the Kryptonian society.

As it is a DC Comics show, it’s normal to assume people are expecting a potential appearance of a certain Man of Steel in the form of Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman from the CW show Supergirl, or maybe from Kara herself; however, Adam Welsh, Krypton‘s showrunner, teased that fans can expect a nod to Adam Strange’s hometown, but nothing more.



Adam Strange, Earthling.


“We will go to present-day Earth in this season, and see where Adam came from – from Detroit,”

This confirms once and for all that Krypton will be a standalone series rather than part of the famous Arrowverse, but according to Welsh, that just gives them more room to explore the DC Universe and present us with characters that haven’t been presented in the small screen before.

“DC isn’t just Earth, it isn’t just Metropolis or Gotham… the DC universe is huge, it’s multiple universes. [The show will] open the door to characters that you may not see in other shows that will fit comfortably here… And maybe some different versions of characters you’re used to.”

What do you think about this news? Which characters would you like to appear on the show?
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Krypton airs every Wednesday night at 10 pm E.T. through SyFy.

Source: IGN

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