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Only One Copy of the Prison Escape Game ‘A Way out’ Is Needed to Play Online with a Friend

The co-op cinematic adventure A Way Out was released today, and Hazelight Studios wants to make sure every player gets the most out of the highly-cooperative prison escape simulator.

From the developers behind Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, A Way Out maintains the studio’s trend of immersive cooperative adventures. A Way Out follows the story of Leo and Vincent, as they work together to escape prison and reach salvation. No matter how you play, the game’s compelling story is always presented as a split-screen story. Leo and Vincent will have to coordinate task and conflicting personalities as they work towards reclaiming their freedom. Due to the extremely cooperative effort that it takes to accomplish something like escaping from prison, writer and director Josef Fares wanted to make the cooperative experience as accessible as possible.

Through the use of Friends Pass, players will be able to invite their friends to share the full experience of A Way Out with them. Friends Pass will allow players to participate in a premier couch co-op experience, anywhere in the world.

“We designed A Way Out as a dynamic narrative experience best played on the couch with a friend and as a co-op only game, I wanted people to play with their friend without gimmicks or a high cost, so we came up with the free Friends Pass offer” said Josef Fares, Writer and Director at Hazelight. “The game is designed so that players will need to build trust with one another by talking and making decisions together as they play. Intense moments and more meaningful points in the game build the relationship between both the characters and the players. On top of that, A Way Out has no repeated gameplay activities which creates a truly unique experience unlike anything played before.”

A Way Out is out today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Look forward to our review coming later next week! Want to play but can’t find a P2? Head over to our Discord and find the Vincent to your Leo!

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