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AMC’s Preacher Casts Jonny Coyne As Allfather D’Aronique

Jonny Coyne will be joining the cast of Preacher in its third season. Jonny Coyne is best known for his roles in Turn, The Blacklist, and Alcatraz.

Deadline reports that Coyne will be playing Allfather D’Aronique.

He is physically large, overweight, and a revolting slob, but also potentially the most powerful man in the world. He is quietly sinister with eyes that see more than he says.

CBR also describes D’Aronique as “the true head of The Grail and is one of the most powerful characters outside of the Saint of Killers”.

Season 3 of Preacher has started production in New Orleans, LA.

Source: Deadline, CBR


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