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Calling All Geeks! Ready Player One Challenge Brings All the Nerds to the Yard.

Arriving at Hollywood and Vine, a popular and busy intersection in Hollywood, CA on an unseasonably cool afternoon. I am greeted by the stacks.  The stacks are the slums of the dystopian future from the Ready Player One universe. Think the projects meets trailer park on steroids. 

The stacks fit oddly within the hustle and bustle of Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame and its many historical buildings. The eerie trance remix of Pure Imagination from the movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory pumping from the lot will draw you in.

I was invited by Warner Bros to get an early peek at the interactive Ready Player One Challenge: The Maze inspired by the new film from Steven Spielberg and starring our girl, Lena Waithe!
And fam, it was everything!

As a proud geek, it was one of the best immersive and interactive film pop-ups I have had the pleasure of experiencing. You’ll be pumped to see this movie afterwards.

You will be given your mission, find 3 keys by running the maze within the stacks and just enough backstory to know why you need them, to escape the stacks by accessing OASIS.

Search, Play and Take the Leap will be your only hint. Remember this. It’s imperative.

And you’re off into the stacks.


Just like the movie, the Ready Player One Challenge is a nerdgasm of nostalgia, pop references…and escapism.
And much like any role-playing game (RPG), you’ll have to figure out the rules of engagement as you go. Be sure to lose yourself in the race to find OASIS. There is a timer but you will not want to leave this maze. There are characters to interact with, games to play and much to discover.


Search, Play, Take the Leap!  Video by Ken Wood from Hold Still Photos.

The Ready Player One Challenge: The Maze runs daily March 19th thru April 1st (no joke, lol), from 11am to 11pm.
So get up, get out, and take the leap to Hollywood and Vine (I would suggest to #GoMetro) and go see Ready Player One in theaters March 29.

Are you going to check out the Ready Player One Challenge: The Maze?  Looking forward to seeing the movie, Ready Player One?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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