Spike Lee May Direct Marvel’s ‘Nightwatch’

Rumors of a Nightwatch film began to rise late last summer, and now, rumor has it that Spike Lee, She’s Gotta Have It‘s producer, may be directing the film.

A source told Variety that Lee’s involvement is “in the early stages,” and Nightwatch would be in the same universe of Sony’s Spiderman, Venom and Silver and Black.

Though not officially confirmed, Lee will be directing the film with Cheo Hodari Coker’s script, who is also the showrunner for Marvel’s Luke Cage. Palak Patel, Sony’s Executive Vice President will be supervising the film’s development.

Nightwatch a.k.a. Dr. Kevin Trench, was first introduced in 1993, and most of his appearances are in the Spiderman comics. Trench witness a costumed man die in a battle, and soon figures out the costumed man is his future self.



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