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Black Panther Actress, Sope Aluko Joins Venom

Sope Aluko, who starred in Black Panther as Shaman, has landed another Marvel-centric role, according to a Deadline report. The actress’ casting in Sony’s Venom standalone presumably moves her out of Wakanda and into the States. At the time of writing, details regarding Aluko’s character and place in the story are unknown.

Whether Aluko is a new cast member who’s been added for reshoots remains a mystery. It’s possible she has been onboard and is just now being announced. Thus far, the secrecy of it all seems to be an ongoing theme. Apart from a teaser trailer and news that lead actor, Tom Hardy, finished work on the film in January, information is scarce. As such, the much coveted plot details are still under wraps.

One aspect of Venom that everyone can be sure of, however, is its forthcoming fall release date. The symbiote’s solo film opens in theaters on October 5.

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