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SEGA Announces ‘Sonic Mania Plus’ and ‘Sonic Mania Adventures’

If you’re a fan of the prolific Sonic the Hedgehog series, then you’ll be happy to know that fan favorite Sonic Mania is getting a new version, called Sonic Mania Plus. Sonic Mania Plus, announced this year at Sonic’s SXSW panel will be on the Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

Sonic Mania Plus will include a 32-page art book, a special Sega Genesis-inspired cover, and a special holographic package for the physical game. Gameplay has also been updated and will feature two new playable characters: Ray the Flying Squirrel, and Mighty the Armadillo. The game’s new Encore Mode and four-player challenge mode are designed to add new gameplay experiences for players who have already completed the game.


If you aren’t into rebuying the game, the characters and modes will be available this summer as DLC, though pricing hasn’t been released yet.

In addition to Sonic Mania Plus, Sega also announced Sonic Mania Adventures, a cartoon series based on the game and its unique art style. These special shorts will be available online via the official Sonic YouTube page as they come out, so all fans can enjoy them!


Source: Polygon

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