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‘Black Panther’ Set to Top Box Office for Rare Five-Peat

If you haven’t heard about Black Panther by now, where have you been?  Not only did it have the biggest opening weekend of any Marvel film, it’s smashed the box office since its release.  It has even reached $1 billion in the global box office and broke records for the month of February.  And now, it seems likely that Black Panther is going to keep that momentum going.

With the weekend coming in, it seems very likely that the action-packed film is going to top the box offices yet again in an incredibly rare five-peat.  If Black Panther reaches this next milestone, it will be the first film to do so since 2009 and 2010 when James Cameron’s Avatar hit theaters.

It is a promising road for Black Panther to top the box office again.  It is already heading into the weekend with $27 million from across 3,942 sites.  This makes the film the fourth-highest fifth weekend gross of all time, and by Sunday, it’ll also become the seventh film to ever domestically hit the $600 million mark.

Are you surprised by the massive success of this film?  (We’re not)

Black Panther is in theaters now.  Feel free to watch it for the fifth or tenth time.  Make sure to save us a seat.

Source: Variety

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