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‘Mortal Kombat X’ Live Action Fancast

Film adaptions based on popular video games haven’t always been Hollywood’s strong suit – but that didn’t stop them from doing a rebooted Tomb Raider film starring Oscar winner Alicia Vikander. With the film’s release this weekend, it makes us wonder what other classic video games deserve another chance at being adapted to the big screen? The Mortal Kombat video game franchise has been around for twenty-six years, always evolving and delivering a wealth of interesting and deadly characters. That being said, here’s a fancast for a possible live-action adaption of the most recent game in the franchise, Mortal Kombat X.

Natalie Dormer as Cassie Cage

Cassie Cage is the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade and a Sergeant in the US Army Special Forces. She has her father’s charm and her mother’s relentless attitude. Game Of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer is perfect for the role. She has a somewhat soft demeanour with an intimidating undertone. Natalie Dormer can pull off both with ease.

Sonequa Martin-Green as Jacqui Briggs

Jacqui Briggs is the daughter of Jax. Just like her father, she packs a mean punch as a member of Cassie Cage’s Special Forces Unit. Sonequa Martin-Green is best known for her role on The Walking Dead and even more now as the lead on Star Trek: Discovery. When I play the video game as Jacqui, Sonequa’s face is all I see.

Steven Yeun as Takeda

Takeda is the son of the telepathic Ninja, Kenshi. He wields bladed whips and also inherited his Father’s telepathic abilities. Both of those combined make him a force to be reckoned with. The Walking Dead actor Steven Yeun would be great in this role because he has the acting range to portray the emotional depth of the character. Not to mention, seeing Steven get ripped and beating up a Tarkatan army sounds like a sight to behold. Can you say ‘Snack’?

Ludi Lin as Kung Jin

Kung Jin is the cousin of Kung Lao. He is a formidable fighter and besides being a prominent Asian character, he’s also a member of the LGBT community. Ludi Lin is most known for his role in the rebooted live-action Power Rangers. Ludi would kick ass in the role, not to mention how dope he would look wielding a bow and arrow.

Evangeline Lily as Sonya Blade

Sonya Blade is a force to be reckoned with. She’s strong, resilient and literally has the ‘Kiss of Death’. She’s not to be messed with and the only person I believe can bring that type of gravitas to the big screen is Evangeline Lily. From The Hobbit to Ant-Man, Lily has proven that she can own this role with ease.

Eric Dane as Johnny Cage

When you think of Johnny Cage, what comes to mind? A sarcastic, egotistical guy who craves to be the center of attention… But he also has a heart of Gold. Eric Dane has the charm to bring a character like Cage to life. Not to mention the hair.

Will Yun Lee as Kenshi

Kenshi is a powerful ninja who wields two Katana swords. He also has telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Will Yun Lee has been busting heads for years and his recent role on the Netflix original series Altered Carbon is proof that he’s still got it. This role was made for him.

Billy Brown as Jax

Jax is a member of Sonya’s Special Forces unit. His skill at great hand-to-hand combatant is enhanced with his cybernetic arms. Billy Brown may be channelling the drama on How To Get Away With Murder but he was born for a role like his. His size, his voice and *ahem* — his body.

Winston Duke as Kotal Kahn

Kotal Kahn may be one of the villains in the particular story but everything he does is for the sake of diplomacy. He tries to be the voice of reason but is not one to be crossed. Winston Duke was a scene-stealer in Marvel’s Black Panther. He was intimidating and fierce but with a cause. He is perfect to pull off a character like Kotal Kahn.

Elodie Yung as D’vorah

She comes from an insect-like race called the Kytinn and is Kotal Kahn’s most loyal and deadly assassins – at least for now she is. Her abilities may make you gag, but she gets the job done. Elodie Yung showed she was a force to be reckoned with in G.I. Joe: Retaliation but it’s her most recent role as Elektra in Marvel’s Daredevil that really showed just how unapologetically deadly she can be.

The Mortal Kombat universe has two decades worth of charming, relentless and intriguing characters. All of them couldn’t possibly fit on this list but feel free to share your thoughts on this cast and what other actors you believe can perfectly portray your favourite characters.

Tomb Raider is now in theatres everywhere.

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