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Fortnite’s Cross-Platform Plans to include Xbox One but not PS4

Fortnite is working hard for cross-platform gaming but it is still uncertain how these platforms will work together.  However, Epic Games, the developer of the game, is bringing Fortnite Battle Royale for mobile enjoyment allowing mobile games to join console matches but not vice versa.  Epic Games is now working with Microsoft to include Xbox One in these cross-play plans.

However, while Xbox One is working towards this plan, PlayStation has remained cold to working with Xbox One’s systems.  PlayStation has stated its reason for this is due to online safety and player experience when interacting with another system.

Epic Games’ Nick Chester has confirmed that the two game consoles won’t join teams for any cross-play.  However, each can still play against PC, Mac, and mobile players.  Maybe one day these two systems will get along.

Source: Polygon

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