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Monster Hunter World’s Spring Update is Bringing The Deviljho and Several New Features

This morning during a Capcom live stream, new details were shared for Monster Hunter: World’s Spring update. The update is promising to bring several features which have been requested since the game’s launch, as well as a new ferocious beast to face off against.

On March 22, the Deviljho will enter the jungle and disrupt the ecosystem we’ve become so accustomed to. Hunters that have the might to take down the fearsome creature will be rewarded with materials which can be put towards two entirely new armor sets, and a new weapon for each of the 14 weapon types.


For hunters looking to relax after spending tireless hours grinding out monsters for parts, the Spring Blossom Fest is exactly the haven needed. The event running from April 5 to April 16 will allow players to explore a completed rehauled Gathering Hub filled with decorations and even new outfits for staff members. During the event, players can enjoy daily activities suiting the event’s theme, along with a special pre-hunt meal because it’s not really a party without food.

During the event, Capcom has already announced the addition of two special event quests. The first one will highlight the winner of the Monster Hunter community Weapon Design Contest. On April 6 hunters can begin unlocking materials to craft the Wyvern Ignition Great Sword. A gorgeous blade with thrust powered by wyvern fire.


My favorite addition coming in the update is the character edit game voucher, a one-time use ticket which allows hunters to edit their gender, physical/cosmetic appearance. While the first voucher is free, any subsequent edits will have to be purchased through either the PlayStation Store or Xbox Game Store.

Capcom also announced several changes to improve the game experience starting on March 22. included in the changes are the following:

  • Great Sword: increased the damage for Charged Slash abilities.
  • Long Sword: improvements to Foresight Slash input timing and hitbox detection.
  • Sword & Shield: Roundslash damage increased and improved slinger usability
  • Dual Blades: adjustments to help maintain Demon Gauge active
  • Hammer: adjusted the stun values on charged attacks
  • Hunting Horn: general attack power increase
  • Lance: Counter-thrust adjustment to increase ease of use
  • Gunlance: Reduced sharpness loss for shelling, and made some attack power increases
  • Switch Axe: Zero Sum Discharge adjustments to increase ease of use
  • Charge Blade: balance adjustments to Impact Phial and Power Element Phial
  • Insect Glaive: improvements to extract attack power increase and extract effect length
  • Bow: fixed various bugs
  • Light Bowgun: no adjustments were made
  • Heavy Bowgun: no adjustments were made
  • Attacks from allies no longer interrupt you during the carving animation.
  • Additionally, players are now immune to all hit reactions, including bombs, during carving animations after quest completion.
  • Added “Return to Gathering Hub” (single player) and “Disband & Return to
  • Gathering Hub” (multiplayer) to the options for “Select Return Destination” after a quest has been completed.
  • Added the “Text Size” setting for changing subtitle text size, under Start Menu > Options Game Settings.

What has you most excited about the update? As always let us know in the comments or head over to our Discord and join our Hunting Party!

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