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Amazon and Twitch Will Give Prime Subscribers a Collection of Free Games Each Month

Amazon Prime subscribers can now get a free game every month through the introduction of Twitch’s Free Games with Prime.

Following the success of their Twitch Prime Indie Amplifier, an event which gave Twitch Prime users a free game for watching specific streamers, Twitch has found a way to continue spreading the indie love. Starting on March 15, each month Twitch will release 5 games on the service which subscribers can play forever. Unlike PlayStation’s service where the game only remains in the library as long as a player is a PS Plus subscriber.

With the service’s announcement Twitch has already boasted their impressive catalog for the initial two months. Included with this month’s releases will be the critically acclaimed Oxenfree and Superhot.

The full list of games to be released for March are:

· Superhot

· Shadow Tactics

· Tales from Candlekeep

· Oxenfree

· Mr. Shifty

And the hits keep coming in April:

· Tales from the Borderlands

· SteamWorld Dig 2

· Kingsway

· Tokyo 42

· Dubwars

For console players, unfortunately, these games will only be available for redemption on PC. As of now, Twitch hasn’t mentioned a way of including PlayStation and Xbox platforms within Free Games with Prime.

What do you think of Twitch’s new service? Will this draw you into some indie games you may have otherwise skipped out on, or is the exclusion of console still leaving you high and dry? Head over to Twitter or drop a comment below and let us know what you think!

Source: Twitch

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