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#SOTD: Beach House – “Dive”

(Photo credit: Shawn Brackbill)

I’ve never tried hypnotism, but have thought about it as an alternative to quit smoking. I don’t know what it would be like, but I imagine my sunken place to be like the end of the movie Annihilation, with a soundtrack courtesy of Baltimore duo Beach House.Beach House have been honing their sound since 2006 and like indie rock stalwarts The National, the duo have not changed their sound, but evolved it over time. From their beginning, Beach House has been Victoria Legrand’s voice/organ and Alex Scally’s piercing shoegaze guitar. Over the years, the group ditched drum machines for live drums and gradually widened their sound from SD to IMAX.

This all brings us to the band’s 7th album succinctly titled 7, to be released on May 7th. The album was previously teased with the single “Lemon Glow”, a another subtle evolution to Beach House’s dream-pop sound. The band’s latest single, “Dive,” is another step forward.

“Dive” starts with the band’s trademark organ and a kick drum back beat with gorgeously layered vocals from Legrand. Scally’s guitars chime in an out creating a cloud like feel. Halfway through the track, the drums start pounding and the guitars go from gentle to urgent. “Dive” is another gem in Beach House’s overflowing treasure chest.Check us out on Spotify and SoundCloud @geeksofcolor!

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