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Total War: Rome II Unveils New Female Rulers in Honor of International Women’s Day

Going on for almost a century now, International Women’s Day is held every March 8 (March is also National Women’s History Month), and celebrates the movement for women’s rights around the globe and the popular game ‘Total War: Rome II” is joining in on the fun.

In honor of the event, the game released a new culture pack called Desert Kingdoms that features playable leaders Cleopatra of Egypt and Teuta of Illyria that even come with custom-made visuals and voice-over. This is the first “culture pack” since 2014 and other women feature in prominent roles in the game where it is historically appropriate. Game Developer Creative Assembly had this to say in their notes:

“Major female characters have been added to all campaigns and all factions. In some cultures, such as Roman and Greek, women occupy social/political roles, while in others, women may be generals and lead armies. For cultures where women do not hold public offices, there is a special Cursus Honorum path that follows the increase in the influence of women in politics. There are special events (dilemmas) which portray the trials and tribulations associated with women coming to power in ancient times. Often, tradition and prejudice stood in the way. Such events allow the player to recruit female leaders, or gain other bonuses from parties that would normally oppose such a decision. Important historical female characters will spawn via special incidents at various times throughout various campaigns.”

The new pack grants other additions like more spices and merging two units into one and is currently being offered on Steam for $8.09, instead of its usual price of $8.99. A trailer can be seen below.

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